22. Home Sweet Home and First Walks

“L” and I are now venturing out for our first walks at home. I mentioned that we would be starting with basics – I never realized this would mean target training for us to find the gate “out” of our yard! First steps really are first steps. With no sidewalks to guide straight line travel, things aren’t as simple as they might seem. We started with going back and forth from our side door to the gate. Then we mastered finding our gate from along the road.

We have now taken a few walks around the block so to speak. Some of the corners are so gradual that it is easy for me to lose my orientation. Without sidewalks and curbs to provide physical structure, I’m finding it very hard to find turns off of our straight-line travel. “L” will get the hang of island roads soon enough. Despite getting lost, we are doing well – this is all part of “new dog”.

“L” and Bode are settling in nicely together. Labs understand labs; let the games begin! They are enjoying periodic supervised play in the yard, but “L” is on leash or tie-down indoors for a while yet. Being young, “L” has SOOO much more energy than Bode; she will keep him young! Bode doesn’t miss the work, though.

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