A Trip to Leader Dogs for the Blind

The following links will take you to each chapter of Jean M’s description of her trip to Leader Dogs for the Blind.

1. Going To The Dogs

2. Puppy Beginnings

3. Bode

4. White Canes and Guide Dogs

5. Travel and Settling In

6. Good Juno

7. Bad Juno, Goodbye Juno

8. Dog Issue and First Walk

9. Dog Switch

10. Bonding

11. Unleashed from My Trainer

12. Doors

13. Obstacles

14. Country Travel, Overhead Clearances, and Shopping

15. Distractions

16. Targeting, Indoor Work, and the Beginning of Trust

17. Pride and Love

18. Obedience Practice, Patterning, and Revolving Doors

19. Going Home

20. Wrap Up and Supporting Leader Dogs for the Blind

21. Etiquette When You Meet A Guide Dog Team

22. Home Sweet Home and First Walks

23. Goodbye “L”

24. Epilogue

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